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Everybody is talking about sustainability. But what does this really mean? Especially for a brand? Sustainability and clothing? For certain, opinions are divided here. Everybody has its own opinion and mindset of being sustainable, and surely it heavily depends on the industry you are in. Still, everybody should intend to leave an ecological footprint that does not harm our environment. And that is also our aspiration.

Obviously, we are not swimming through the oceans collecting plastic. Don’t get us wrong, this does not mean that we are not supporting such initiatives. Quite the opposite: Much appreciation for all the associations doing so! However, we are really also trying our very best to have an environment-friendly footprint as green as possible.

In first place that means for us taking care of the daily routines of our brand. The tasks that have to be done on a frequent basis need to be sustainable in order to make an environmental impact. This is for example usage of paper boxes instead of plastic. In general, heavy reduction of plastic is one of our major concerns. On that score it is of major importance for us that the sparse plastic we utilize is recyclable, such us our bags. Further, we cast a watching brief over the production processes of our products. The well being of the fabricators, the production conditions and the employee requirements are of high priority. Also we always emphasize the good quality of our stuff, and with regards to sustainability high quality standards of our material takes effect here, too. We take these issues for granted, but how many don’t?

This is why you should never stop making attention for this topic. We need to change perspectives on a long-term basis and we need to move to the point where environmental-friendly care is self-evident, and not just a lifestyle. The world is changing so fast, and so do we. That means there is always space for improvement. Thus, if you feel we can do better in any way being sustainable and do good for our environment, PLEASE let us know promptly.

Let’s get this done together!

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