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And then it is finally here. More powerful, more colorful, more meaningful than ever. With an impressive focus, an impressive sense, an impressive line.

We proudly present the new massive collection The Terrific Triad.

All of you guys know, all the best things come in threes, and third time lucky. It is more than the third collection of your favorite brand. Coming with splendid gross pieces, this mind-blowing new collection is completely characterized by the number 3.
Simple and small, plain and ever-present, this number bears such a vast and striking meaning. So the time has come to pay the tributes this grand number deserves. It is not by chance that the third collection is much influenced by the significance of the 3. Honoring a number by placing it in the middle of our logo, comes with the fact that is a brilliant representative for what the brand stands for. It is encompassing all the myths, the senses, the characters, and the meanings A3B radiates throughout its vibrant and mighty togs.

Each piece of this collection is an indirect speech of praise for a number that could not have been a more proper synonym for us. 
This eminent collection comes with superior designs and divine styles. The three implemented color gradients are perfectly accentuating the peculiar number in a mighty way. The prints point towards the overwhelming purport of the three. The eminent look is the abundant pledge of allegiance for a number that is bigger in its meaning than humans can imagine. As ever the new pieces are rudimental. High quality standards, sophisticated processing, futuristic styles, and elementary styles are turning up again. Each item is augmented with a touch of the Triad. It is the 3 chains, 3 links, the three colors, the senses of 3, the number itself, and the three-letter-acronym with all its allusion. It is a matter of course to put particular emphasis on our great emblem in terms of this collection. The number three finds its expression in various ways through the brand logo A3B. 

The logo is highlighted by a patch that stands out majestically on the pieces. There is more to it than that folks. Even luminary Aristoteles once said „the triad is considered to be the number of totality - consisting of beginning, midst & end.“ – such as our brand logo. There you are. Human totality finds its manifestation also by the triad. The human lifecycle is described as trinity: growing – productivity – fading. And here we have another invincible link to the meaning of encompassing. Bamm. Naturally the 3 bears a gross and stunning meaning within the universe. In combining the energies of Mars, it signifies for extravagant solution, versatility and temper. Associations such as strong, powerful and voluminous are in place. Attributes that characterize this tremendous collection. The patch is highlighted in a strong, powerful and voluminous way. Completely justified. 
Time to enjoy the gorgeous triple peeps.

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